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Barn Camp

What is Barn Camp? Well it is Barn Camp.
There's so much to enjoying this world, godliness with contentment is great gain. There's nothing like getting together with like minded people, like yourself to have some fun. Men enjoying time with men playing horseshoes or corn hole or women being together or families being together; it's always fun to be with someone that you can relate to. This is what we do at the Barn Camp on many levels.

We have the men's group that meets usually the first and third Thursday at 6:30 p.m. You can call to verify, whether we're meeting, what are meeting dates are: 704-635-0353 ask for Mark or call Chris at 704-280-0018. Most people can't get over the beautiful property that we enjoy and the retro barn that just never seems to end.

We also have Father and Son engagements as well as family engagements. The Barn Camp facility is used many times for holidays, birthday parties and get-togethers. The purpose of Barn Camp is to bring people together to have fun and to glorify Christ. We crack the word to grow spiritually, edify each other and of course lead people to the Savior.

Rejoice in the lord always I say it again Rejoice let your gentleness be evident to all the Lord is near be anxious for nothing but in everything through prayer and petition to request be known unto God and the peace of God which transcends all understanding will guard your hearts and Minds in Christ Jesus.

One of our customary events is to meet on Thursday evenings about 6:30. We usually meet the first and third Thursday of the month 6:30 p.m; starting out with yard games (horseshoes, boccie-ball, corn-hole, pit-ball) and then progressing into the barn for sometime in the word and socializing. The social time is enlightening and productive.

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