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OSC Mission Statement

Spurring change in the heart of the common Christian; Persuading believers to work out there salvation as directed by the flawless word of God (Proverbs 30:5).

Revealing to the common Christian Christís selfless passion, Christís empting of self and the love of Jesus that it might be understood in its wholeness and acted upon.
Providing the elements that lead to experiencing the passion of Christ and empathy that propels the believer to absolute render.
Empathizing with the passion of Christ, the truth of Christ and the vision of eternity with Christ resulting in  the believer releasing their hold on worldly goods and self. And to provide clear pointed directive and teaching that will point the revived believer to lead a life of submissiveness, evangelism, a quiet heart and a spirit of giving.

Be still and know that I am (Psalm 46:10)

Our goal is to  provide for physical needs and evangelize.

100+ %
of your donation
will go directly to the Quechua People.

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