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Our Mission:
Spurring change in the heart of the common Christian; Persuading believers to work out there salvation as directed by the flawless word of God.
Proverbs 30:5
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The feeding programs are the road to the heart of these people.

goal is to  provide for physical needs and evangelize.

• Feeding
• Bible
• Literacy
• Gospel of Luke
   on  DVD
• Children
• Assist Runa Simi with Leadership

Donate Today!

Support I-Reach

You Can Help
Today, you can reach out to the Quechua of Peru. You can help them win life-saving victories against chronic hunger and build healthy lives for their children.
of your donation
will go directly to feed the children and help the Quechua People. 

OSC  is a  nonprofit organization; all donations are tax-deductible. Here are some of the many ways you can give:

Donate Online

Make an online donation by credit card. Make a difference immediately, utilizing a secure environment to protect your privacy.

Print a Donation Form:

Print a Form to mail your gift. Mail it with your check or credit card information to the address at the bottom of the printable form page.

Other Ways You Can Help


•Become an OSC Prayer Partner. 
Receive the email newsletters and prayer requests sent from Peru.
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•Tell your family, friends, co-workers and church about the OSC ministry.

Thank you for your generosity!
We are proud of the way we manage our funds!

Send a one time gift to:

7204 Hwy 218 E. Marshville NC 28103

You Decide:
Give what God puts on your heart and we will pool all the gifts to Reach Out to the Quechua People of Peru.

On the Ground:
Rosa and Samuel are a couple who oversee several feeding programs. They are Peruvian nationals who have lived through this time of terror. They are one of the on the ground contacts in Peru that  are responsible for the distribution of food and the spread of the gospel. They love the Lord very much and are a very Godly couple.
Read Samuel's story)

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