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The OSC Barn: This is a time for Men to share with one another and grow spiritually. We have a time of open sharing, prayer and scripture.  We meet every Thursday morning.  Come join us!   (Click here to Read More)

The Quechua are a beautiful people who have been devastated by war.
First the Spanish attacked for gold in the 1500's. From 1982 to 2002 Shining Path terrorists rose up. The terrorists tortured, raped and killed the villagers. Then the military came and accused the villagers of being informants; 
torture, rape and murder again.

(Read more on the History of Peru)

This is how the villagers live. Shacks for shelter; sleeping on the ground, playing in the dirt and living in poverty.

OSC seeks to help the Quechua people rebuild their lives - offering hope where they see no hope; only poverty and depression.


Water for Anyana:
Thanks to the Lord Jesus for making this
dream come true for the families of Anyana. When I arrived with the water pump they all were thrilled and said, “Now we can plant vegetables and fruit trees and there will be plenty to eat.”
Read More)

Ambassor for Christ:
When we feed them, many come to know Christ as their Savior.
More come to Christ when we are not there.
They ask why are these people feeding us?  Who are they?
The Nationals respond and they lead them to Christ.


Success Story:

Rosa's Story:

She lives next to the village where the
I-Reach feeding program is. She lives with her 2 daughters in the blue shack behind the slab. There is no water or heat just 1 light bulb for light and dirt floors. Food is scarce and she has been trying to raise some chickens but when they get big enough her ex  husband steals them. He also beats up on her and scares the kids.
(Read more on Rosa)

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